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Subaru Hybrid Cars

Subaru hybrid cars are for now, concept cars only. In fact, the line of Subaru hybrid cars only contains one - the Subaru B9 SC Scrambler Hybrid - in its lineup.

The Subaru Scrambler Hybrid car was unveiled at the 2003 Tokyo Auto Show sporting sleek lines and plenty of spunk. The only problem is that on the production end, Subaru, or rather their parent company, Fuji Heavy, cannot figure out how to mass produce this hybrid car in an economical fashion.

For more details on the Scrambler, see the Subaru B9 SC Scrambler Hybrid page. The other green car that Subaru has up its sleeve is the all-electric, all-the-time R1e electric minicar. This plug-'n'-play vehicle is supposed to hit the Japanese showrooms in 2009. While doing hybrid development on the Scrambler, Subaru did have some technological successes, primarily in the area of high-density lithium-ion battery development.



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The Subaru Scrambler (top) and Legacy (bottom) are the first hybrid cars expected in the Subaru line-up.


The lithium-ion battery will be used in both the Scrambler and the R1e electric minicar. Rumor has it also that Subaru will be selling these battery pack units to Toyota in exchange for using Toyota's hybrid technology in order to bring hybrid Subaru's to market early.

The Subaru lithium-ion battery is touted as having the capability of being recharged to 90-percent capacity within 5 minutes. Subaru has developed the new battery in cooperation with NEC Corporation in their joint venture company called NEC Lamilion Energy Ltd. By integrating NEC's laminate cell technology with Subaru's (Fuji Heavy Inc.'s) battery pack technology, the new company aims to develop a rechargeable battery that sets the global standard. NEC has already developed and is producing a high-security manganese lithium-ion cell with laminate packaging technology for watches and mobile terminals.

There is also rumored to be a gasoline-electric of the Subaru Legacy, which will be debuted in Japan in 2007. The hybrid version of the Legacy may be the first results of the alliance between Toyota and Subaru. The battery pack for the Legacy is also expected to last 15 years, according to Subaru officials.