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GM Hybrid SUV

The GM hybrid SUV lineup, so far, includes the Chevy S3X, Equinox, Tahoe, GMC Yukon and Saturn VUE hybrid models.

Of the GM hybrid SUV models, the S3X, Equinox and Saturn VUE share the same Theta platform and incorporate mild hybrid systems.

The Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon are heavier vehicles and feature a full hybrid system.

The GM mild hybrid SUV's are basically run with the gasoline engine and assisted, as needed by the electric motor. Fuel savings for the GM mild hybrid SUV's are in the 10-15 percent range. The GM full hybrid SUV systems will be garnering fuel savings in the 30-percent range over the standard gasoline-only models.



Water Hybrid Car Technology
Boost mileage 30% - 60%, reduce emissions, greenhouse gases and global warming.

Hydrogen on Demand Kit
Use this kit to convert your car to burn hydrogen and save gasoline & the environment.

Electric Car Conversion Plans
Stick It to the Oil Companies and Convert Your Car to an EV, Quickly, Easily and Cheaply!


Early fuel cut-off during deceleration and engine idle shut-off will also be featured on the most of the GM hybrid SUV models. Another feature also offered on the smaller hybrid SUV models will be GM's belt alternator system (BAS), which provides stop-start functionality. It is not known at this point whether the larger hybrid SUV's will also offer this system.

GM has decided to tackle their heaviest and most fuel-consuming vehicles first with their full-hybrid system. This has drawn criticism from some who would like to see GM cars and light SUV's as the first recipients of fuel-savings and greenhouse gas reduction. GM believes, though, by fitting buses, large trucks and large SUV with hybrid technology, they can have a significant impact on the marketplace and environment and use what they've learned to then go after the light SUV and car market. The Chevy Malibu Hybrid is first slated to roll out in 2007 which will also carry the mild hybrid system.

As many hybrid enthusiasts think, though, any hybrids are good hybrids and it doesn't matter if you start with cars and work upwards or with buses and trucks and work downwards in size. All that matters is that we eventually get there is order to relieve our dependence upon foreign oil, our own pocketbooks at the gas pumps, lessen the health hazards coming from the tailpipes and reduce greenhouse gases and global warming that continues to sicken the environment.

The GM hybrid SUV's are a welcome addition to achieving these goals.