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Ford Airstream Concept Crossover Vehicle

The Ford Airstream Concept is a crossover vehicle that is also one of the first plug-in electric hybrid vehicles shown by a major auto manufacturer.

In fact, the Ford Airstream is so green with its 41 mpg combined city / highway driving that it is also a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle as well.

Ford Motor Company combined forces with travel trailer icon, Airstream to design this space age vehicle complete with aircraft rivets standard on other Airstream products. With the Airstream Concept, Ford is featuring its HySeries Drive system, which is already in use in a Ford Edge prototype that is racking up highway test miles. The HySeries Drive system uses a 336-volt lithium-ion battery pack for pop and powers the vehicle solely for the first 25 miles.


Ford Airstream Concept



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After that, the Ford Airstream kicks in its hydrogen fuel cell, which supplies power to the lithium-ion batteries that in turn spew out watts to drive the electric motor. When the 280 mile range from the hydrogen side is coupled with the hybrid electric side, the total range of the vehicle is calculated at 305 miles.

The Airstream Concept's HySeries Drive was partially funded by the U. S. Department of Energy. Ford also teamed up with Canadian company Ballard which supplied the fuel cell for the crossover vehicle. With crossover demand expected to hit the 3 million mark by 2010, Ford wants to be ready and is ahead of the curve in showing off its wares.

The inside of the Ford Airstream Concept vehicle is said to be designed from the inspiration of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey movie. In the back seat area is a 360-degree entertainment screen that is part lava lamp, part virtual fire and part live camera feed. The screen can also be used for playing games or other entertainment.

In the front seat area of the Ford Airstream are captain's chairs for driver and passenger, which help with socializing that may be essential for long, cross-country road trips. From the shotgun side, the passenger can also watch DVDs or post mobile blogs. At the driver's disposal is a floating instrument panel with touch-screen controls, containing essential driving information.

The Ford Airstream may just be the silver bullet the company needs to get out of the red, into the black and headed for a very green future.