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Chrysler Aspen Hybrid

Chrysler is promoting the Aspen Hybrid into the tough SUV market where its design engineers are optimistic that the car can eat up a good market share. The Aspen Hybrid system is designed to improve fuel economy by around 25-percent and better mileage for city driving by as much as 40-percent.

Chrysler is concentrating its efforts to boost its mpg rating that could provide the needed push and entice buyers to once again embrace SUVs in lieu of its proven roadworthiness, driving safety and top of the line amenities.

The 2009 model year could be the banner year for DaimlerChrysler with its Aspen Hybrid hitting the showrooms by then to come in contact with buyers. The Aspen Hybrid is a gas-electric hybrid combination. A version of the Chrysler two-mode system, the Aspen utilizes the company designed 5.7-liter Hemi V8 engine like the Dodge Durango Hybrid and two sets of electric motors.


Chrysler Aspen Hybrid



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The engine is activated through an efficient multi-displacement system (MDS) to shut off half of the cylinders when coasting in order to reduce fuel consumption. Also, as a dual-mode hybrid, the Aspen Hybrid can run via the gasoline engine, the electric motor or both depending on road condition.

Aspen's transmission is a breakthrough in design and performance. It is a low - high speed, continuously variable system (thus the dual-mode configuration) and runs on a four fixed gear ratio. The electric motor and Hemi engine combined provides full-power, particularly when trekking steep hills or whenever full-speed is required. The electric motor alone brings the Aspen to a speed of 25 mph to cover a total distance of 2 miles or enough power to crawl from one stop to the next. When shifting from economy to performance, the only telltale sign is the engine thump as it whirrs and comes to life.

The two-mode powertrain used extensively by the Chrysler Group is jointly developed by DaimlerChrysler, General Motors and the BMW Group and is a major automotive industry contribution, due in part to the precise integration of a combined electric motors and four-gear fixed ratio transmission system. Referred to as two-mode hybrid - the low and high-speed electric continuously variable transmission (ECVT), delivers sophisticated fuel savings, high efficiency and superb handling capabilities in a variety of different vehicle applications.

Chrysler has taken the necessary steps to improve styling and make the Aspen a truly remarkable SUV. With its unsurpassed capability, road performance and abundant sophisticated amenities, this is a worthwhile alternative to luxury-priced competitors. The Aspen Hybrid comes outfitted with numerous premium features, which includes the sleek and elegant Chrysler design, 30 safety features and the best in its class 335 horsepower and a torque of 375 lbs. and a luxurious interior.