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Dodge Ram Hybrid Truck

The Dodge Ram Hybrid Truck, or Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) as they like to call it, went into production on December 13, 2004. The Dodge Ram Hybrid Truck will only be available as a fleet vehicle for some time (and only as a diesel-electric vehicle also) according to DaimlerChrysler.

Besides the name Dodge Ram HEV, officials are also calling this truck the "Contractor Special". This is because the Dodge Ram Hybrid can be used on-road, off-road or as a clean-burning diesel-powered electrical generator as would be needed on a construction site.

According to Bernard I. Robertson, Senior Vice President Engineering Technologies and General Manager for Truck Operations at DaimlerChrysler, "We dubbed this vehicle the 'Contractor Special' because it is perfect for construction site work. But, we believe the vehicle will also appeal to campers and outdoor enthusiasts, to farmers who have to work on remote sites, and to homeowners who need to keep their households running in the case of a power failure.


Pictured is the Dodge Ram Hybrid Truck.



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"In addition to doubling as a portable generator, the Dodge Ram Contractor Special delivers double the environmental benefits. It is cleaner than any conventional pickup on the road, and cleaner than current generator technology off the road."

The Dodge Ram Hybrid Truck is being built upon the heavy-duty 2500 / 3500 chassis powered by a Cummins 325 hp (242.5 kW), 5.9-liter turbo-diesel engine with 600 lb-ft (813.4 Nm) of torque. The diesel engine is assisted by an integrated starter-alternator hybrid system to provide supplemental power and thus is considered a mild hybrid. Full hybrids usually run off the power generated from the electrical motors, which are assisted by the internal combustion engine as needed and usually achieve much better fuel efficiency than mild hybrids. The Dodge Ram Hybrid Truck generates only a 15-percent increase in fuel efficiency over the non-hybrid model, but then again 15-percent is 15-percent. When we're talking green, every little bit helps.

The hybrid system provides stop-start capabilities, propulsion assistance upon acceleration and regenerative braking to recharge the battery pack. The Dodge Ram Hybrid Truck can also be used onsite as a diesel-powered electricity generator. Like the GM Silverado Hybrid, the Ram Truck Hybrid can provide 110 / 220-volt AC power. This feature will not only be useful on construction sites, but anywhere else where a little extra electricity may be needed.

The Dodge Ram Hybrid Truck is part of an over all picture of cleaner, greener vehicles for DaimlerChrysler for years to come.